May 21, 2024

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Raven News is Toronto’s source of latest news updates and entertainment published weekly every Thursday.

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The back issues are obtainable at our main office for free on the 5 previous issues. For anything beyond what is offered, please see “Contact Us.”

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Raven News envisions developing media content dedicated to transforming society with high regard to personal, economic, and ecological welfare based on cooperation and communal empowerment.


Raven News aims to produce Toronto-based, great quality, unbiased and authentic news, and entertainment publications weekly. The coverage of information includes political, social, environmental, and cultural matters.

We also aim to increase the readership and extend the boundaries without compromising our identity and principles. We hope to achieve the financial objectives we have set to continue investing and improving our content for stakeholders’ satisfaction.

We target for success using our rich experience and diverse creativity from our workforce while having a sense of fun and joy.