April 14, 2024

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Finding Mental Health Support In Canada

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The awareness of mental health issues has now become more openly talked about. It may be as common as depression or as dangerous as insanity. In Canada, there are many services, programs, and support groups that help recover and manage such health conditions.

Here are eight programs and six online services that can help either you or your family and loved ones deal with mental health problems effectively.


Family Mental Health Support Network Of Niagara

Focus group:   Caregivers

Location:         Across Niagara Region

Mood Disorders Association Of Ontario

Focus group:   People suffering from anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder

Location:         Throughout the whole province

The Lifeline Canada Foundation

Focus group:   People who are suicidal and suicide-related issues

Location:         Northwest Territories

Cafconnection Mental Health Programs And Services

Focus group:   Members and families of the Canadian Armed Forces, or CAF

Location:         All 30 CAF locations

Network For Aboriginal Mental Health Research

Focus group:   Indigenous people

Location:         Every province

Battered Women’s Support Services

Focus group:   Women victims of abuse

Location:         Vancouver

Schizophrenia Society Of Canada

Focus group:   People suffering from schizophrenia

Location:         Every province

Peer Support Canada

Focus group:   Anyone with mental health problem

Location:         Across the country

Online Programs

  1. Not Myself Today                                = aims for working individuals
  2. Check Up From The Neck Up   = provides check-up quiz
  3. Big White Wall                                    = anonymous peer support
  4. Mind Your Mind                                  = distribute tips for mental wellness daily
  5. Anxiety Canada                                   = resource for anxiety disorder
  6. Beacon                                                = paid app for one-on-one interaction with a therapist

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