May 21, 2024

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5 Food Pairings For Maximum Nutritional Benefits

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Experimentation of food combinations outside the usual can be a hit or a miss. A miss can result in stomach problems, while a hit can improve the food combination’s great qualities. Here are some food pairings you might benefit from.

  1. Hummus and Red Pepper

Usually, iron in food comes from the plant source, such as the hummus, but the nutrient is not frequently well-absorbed. To improve absorption, foods rich in vitamin C like the red pepper are encouraged to be partnered during consumption.

  1. Tomato + Avocado

Lycopene is the key nutrient of tomato, which is good for eye health. Tomatoes can also easily dissolve fats, so when you eat an avocado together with it, the good fats will be easily digested.

  1. Cottage Cheese + Pineapple

During the workout, the body needs to refuel the expended energy. Combining the protein-rich cottage cheese and the pineapple, which is high in gastrointestinal carbohydrates, can help in muscle repair and boost insulin release.

  1. Kale + Mushrooms + Olive Oil

There are studies that vitamin K, where kale is a good source, and vitamin D, where mushrooms are rich in it, can prevent fractures on bones. Add some olive oil, and you will get a boost in your bone health.

  1. Salmon + Almonds

Omega-3 rich salmon and the essential fatty acid-rich almonds make a great combination to improve your cardiovascular health drastically.

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